2012 Scrapbook
Dancing in Henley

31st July 2012

This is our traditional last dance-out of the summer

We were joined by Phoenix, Ellington, Taeppas Tump, Shinfield and Aldbrickham for a wonderful evening

When it finally got too dark to carry on, we adjourned to The Row Barge just behind the town hall. Such a nice pub I wonder why we haven't found it before.

Present were: Ali, Anna, Colin, Chris, Chris D, Clare, Claudia, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Joe, Kelly, Liz, Marian, Mike G, Philip, Tony and Vera


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Falaise Square always looks wonderful, with the Town Hall in the background.
I think this may be Bay Horse
Two sets of Sheepskins - it's a long time since we last did this!!

Chris, Tony, Eddie
Emma, Claudia, Mike G
Ali, Clare, Colin
Philip, Liz, Ian

Getting ready for an East Acton

The musicians discuss what to play - it's usually Donkey Riding
The dancers get ready - all 57 of them

The two lovely ladies with Liz are from New Mexico - the one on the left is a teacher and the one on the right is a student.

I think the town may be called Taos - I remember it rhymed with "house"
More of East Acton
Liz sticking with the ladies from New Mexico

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