2012 Scrapbook
Vale of Evesham Morris Weekend
  16-17 June 2012

Off to Evesham again, on a weekend when continuous rain was expected.
It hasn't stopped yet and as I write, it's the middle of July!

Sadly the promised boat trip was cancelled - the river was in flood! Nonetheless we had an enjoyable weekend.

Present were: Ali, Ann, Ann O, Colin, Chris, Chris D, Eddie, Emma, Ian, Ian O, Joe, Kelly, Liz, Lynda, Marian, MaryAnn, Mike G and Vera


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In the picturesque town square

Vera, Chris D, Colin, Ann and Ian
Dancing in the square

Chris, Emma, Lia and Ian
In Evesham High Street

Ann and Eddie in the foreground

In Evesham

Witchmens Thistle in progress
Dancing (in the rain) at The Fleece in Bretforton

Sheepskins in progress
Another at the Fleece

It must have paused between downpours
In the barn at The Fleece

Teaching Emma Worcestershire Monkey
Kelly and friend
(her bra strap is showing a bit!)
Broadway - possibly the nicest of all the dance spots

Eddie looks up to see whether its going to ease off a bit

It didn't ease off much!   But we pressed on regardless while others gave up.
In the Abbey Gardens at Evesham

Getting ready to dance Worcester Monkey

Worcester Monkey in progress

This is the dance we'd taught Emma earlier in the weekend
The accursed procession!

Quick-march through the streets of Evesham
Back in the square again.

Colin explains where our dances come from
Getting ready to Dance Bay Horse
The Rake figure in Bay Horse
Dancing a Dilwyn in the rain
Hay-on-Wye under the (dripping) trees
That's all folks.

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