2012 Scrapbook
Handover collection to Air Ambulance

314th August 2012

This year we've been collecting from audiences to donate to the Thames Valley & Chiltern  Air Ambulance.  Marian has been busy with the collecting "tins" and when they got too full to carry we arranged to go along to RAF Benson (the home of the Air Ambulance) and hand them over.

The crew (pilot and 2 paramedics) were very welcoming, but just as we were taking pictures, their phone rang and they were scrambled into service.  So amidst the noisy military training that goes on at this site, the crew and air ambulance departed to who-knows-where.

Present were: Colin, Chris, Chris D, Marian, Lynda and Vera


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Us with the pilot and one of the paramedics
I'm not sure that the hat really fits!
Then the phone rang and the crew scrambled to the helicopter, leaving us to take pictures of their departure

Setting off at a brisk pace
Scrambling in
And off it went
To destination unknown
Here's the picture taken by Katie (The Air Ambulance's fundraiser)

Postscript: I was on duty on the Watercress Line a couple of days later, and the guard on my train had been RAF Bensons commanding officer about 15 years ago and had invited the Air Ambulance to use the base!

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