2011 Scrapbook
May-Day with Wickham Morris
1 May 2011

We spent the day at Portsmouth Harbour, Port Solent and the Watercress Line.

A lovely day with Wickham Morris and other sides - not spoiled by excessive dancing!

The best bit was the community singing on the bus


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We kicked off beside HMS Victory

They wouldn't let us dance on her in case we broke something
(and quite right too!)

Here we are, ready to dance the traditional warm-up dance - Dilwyn
Chris, Ali, Louise and Nikki nearest
Then Eddie, Mike, Kelly and Anne
Something else being danced at the pointy end of Victory

Chris, Eddie, Ali, Mike and Louise
Eddie, supported by the lagerphone
The end of a Hay-on-Wye

Note the security men watching from Victory's deck
HMS Warrior

Our second location
All hands on deck on HMS Warrior

Ali, Eddie, Chris, Anne, Nikki, Louise, Kelly and Mike G

Anna, Joe, Jane and Vera were engaged in picture taking.
Brimfield on HMS Warrior

Colin, Eddie and Mike suffer at the hands of Chris, Anne and Ali
Anne, Ali and Chris on the receiving end
More of Brimfield (We will, we will, rock you!)

Vera, Anna, Louise, Kelly and Nikki provide the accompaniment

Witchmens Thistle
Witchmens Thistle, coming to a close
Anna, posing suggestively with one of the deck guns

Evidently, size does matter

Louise (on her first day out in kit) and Kelly
Ali at the ships wheel

Left hand down a bit!
The full ships company on HMS Warrior

On the bridge: Louise, Nikki, Anne, Kelly, Joe, Colin, Anna

The deck-hands: Jane, Chris, Mike, Ali, Eddie, Vera
All the nice girls love a sailor!

Ali, Chris and Anna, with a jolly tar they picked up at the dockside

The dockyard police, making sure we behaved ourselves!

Chris, Ali and Colin
Off to lunch at Port Solent, thence to the Watercress Line

We were greeted by Steve, the Station Master

Ali, Colin and Chris surround her
Dancing at Ropley station

aka Great Worthy if you watched Midsomer Murders
a few days before our visit (the grisly discovery was in
the booking office just behind Ali)
Hay-on-Wye just finishing

Musicians from the other sides joining in
More info about the Watercress Line at www.watercressline.co.uk

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