2011 Scrapbook

Wassailing at the The New Leather Bottle, Jeallotts Hill
January 2011

I found a CD from Jane containing pictures from the 2011 wassail which had been hiding in plain sight in my study.

Here are some of its contents

OBJ comprised: Alison, Ann, Chris, Colin, Eddie, Jane, Joe, Kelly, Liz, Mike G, Mike G, Nikki, Pam, Vera

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Jane introduces the tree and welcomes all

Ali presents the wassail cake

We all scoff the cake, and whoever gets the bit containing the bean becomes King of the Bean and reigns over the Wassail

King Paul shows the evidence of his accession to royalty


King Paul appoints his Queen for the cememony.

King Paul and Queen Linda annoint the tree with toast and pour beer into it's roots
 Queen Linda buries a wren (the King of the Birds) in the roots of the tree

No wrens were harmed during this ceremony!

Songs are sung, evil spirits driven away, and the tree urged to produce good harvests
 We sing to the tree

And we sing to be let back into the pub
 Joe seems to be enjoying it!

Wickham Mummers perform their mummers play

Saint George challenges the Turkish Knight to battle
Which doesn't end well for the Turkish Knight

It could have been worse - it was damp underfoot and he happened to fall on a bit of polythene

The Doctor appears to attend to the Turkish Knight
And for reasons that I simply can't remember, Father Christmas joins in.

  There was a bit of dancing

Phoenix Morris get ready
 Wickham Morris does their bit

OBJ danced too - but its hard to take pictures when you're dancing!

So here we are watching the others

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