2011 Scrapbook
Swanage Folk Festival
10-11 September 2011

Off to Swanage for the Folk Festival. 

The weather was a little drizzly early on Saturday but improved throughout the weekend, giving us a glorious rain-free Sunday.

As usual, the Folk Festival coincided with the Swanage Railways annual Steam Gala giving us all sights and sounds while we weren't dancing.


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Generally milling about in preparation for doing something at the Heritage Centre spot

Dancing Hay-on-Wye

Ali, Eddie, Chris, Mike G, Kelly and Louise
Setting up a Sheepskins near the Mowlem Centre

Eddie announces whilst Mary ann, Anne, Chris, Ali and Mike G brace themselves
Brimfield at the Heritage Centre spot

Kelly, Joe, Mike G and Louise in foregound
Some people went for a premature paddle on the Saturday

Kelly, Anne and Louise getting their feet wet.
Whilst others met new friends

Chris with guest
On the Sunday, preparing to dance in the Churchyard

Colin keeps watch for our turn, whilst Mike S, Joe, Ali, Sharon and Mary Ann get emotionally prepared

Megan is keeping us company, having just had her face painted by Sharon
Mike S, Sharon and Joe playing in the churchyard
Getting ready to dance Bay Horse

Eddie, Mike G, Anne, Chris, Mary Ann and Ali are dancing

Anne and Ali in the churchyard

Dancing with Wreckers on the sea-front on Sunday

An impromptu workshop to prepare for a 10-person Brimfield

Brimfield gets started

Followed by a Worcester Monkey

Accompanied by the combined OBJ and Wreckers band
After the official dancing, we took to the sea for an end-of-festival Dilwyn

Our new members Philip and Claire joined us, plus a couple of ladies who were passing by with their skirts tucked into their knickers
Anne, Kelly and Louise back in the water
Louise and Kelly after the marine Dilwyn
The star of the festival (for me anyway!)

This is No 60019 Bittern, masquerading as 4492 Dominion of New Zealand

It was once based on the Watercress Line, and Colin has spent many a happy hour underneath her

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