2011 Scrapbook
Oxford Day of Dance
16 April 2011

A nice day out amongst the tourists - "what is this thing you are doing?" and "can I take your picture?"

Present on the day were: Ali, Anna, Anne, Chris, Colin, Eddie, Jane, Joe, Mike G, Nikki, Sharon and Vera

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Team photo after dancing in a spot at Oxford Castle
A feature of Oxford days out is the massed dance at the end of the day.

Dance anything you like, to the tune of Jenny Lind.

If you look really carefully, you can find Vera and Sharon in this picture
And here are OBJ, dancing Bay Horse - which fits Jenny Lind nicely.

Anne and Ali are nearest
Then Nikki and Mike G
Then Eddie and Colin
Joe, Anna and Chris are shaking and banging things

The "Face Painting" banner seemed appropriate.

Anne and Chris where they belong!

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