2011 Scrapbook
Stick-Making Party
16 July 2011

After dancing briefly in Wokingham Town Centre for a "Sunny Saturday", we gave up with the continuous rain, and headed for a stick-making session.

Ali, Anne, Colin, Chris, Eddie and Joe rolled up their sleeves, and an afternoons work produced enough sticks (30) to get us through the next season.

The sticks had been coppiced about 5 years ago and had been seasoned to perfection.

Food, tea, beer and doughnuts appeared at regular intervals, to keep the workforce going!


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The sticks had first been cut to size and de-nibbed using a surform.

Eddie is using a spoke-shave to remove most of the bark and make the stick reasonably smooth.

Ali's foot is keeping the work-mate from wobbling.
The stick-finishing department

Joe sands off any little rough bits, and bevels the ends.
Ali and Ann receiving instruction from Eddie
Ann seemed to take to the spoke-shave like a duck to water.

It must be all the scouting experience.
Ali, doing - what exactly?
Ann receiving safety instruction from Colin

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