2010 Scrapbook
Wreckers 10th Birthday Weekend
14-15 August 2010

Wreckers were kind enough to invite us to their 10th birthday bash in Cornwall.
We enjoyed the last weekend we spent together, so we joined them for a superb weekend of dance.

We spent the Saturday in Launceston and Looe, and the Sunday making our way from Kingsand to Cawsand.

Present were: Ali, Colin, Chris, Eddie, Jane, Joe, Liz, MaryAnn, Mike G, Nikki, Sharon and Vera


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The team pictured at Kingsand.

Back row: Mike G, Ali, Chris, Colin

Middle Row: Liz, Sharon, Nikki (hiding), Jane

Front row: Eddie, Joe, Vera

Crouching: MaryAnn

The band playing at The Crosskeys in Cawsand

Ali, Colin, MaryAnn, Sharon
Dancing on Looe sea-front

The dance is Brimfield

Tthe dancers are from L-R:
Mike G, Joe, Ali, Chris (hidden), Liz, Nikki, Colin, Eddie
Mike G looking cool at Looe sea-front
Looe sea-front

Colin with tickling-stick

Sharon with camera

in Kingsand
Ali, looking relaxed at Looe

Rame Head

No trip to Kingsand & Cawsand would be complete without a climb up to the chapel
Inside the chapel

Sharon & Colin playing Shenandoah
Chris in the chapel window

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