2007 Scrapbook
Suffolk Folk Festival (Woodbridge)
2-3 June 2007

The first time OBJ has ventured into East Anglia.

Woodbridge turned out to be delightful, and well worth the journey.


Present were: Alison, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave C, Doug, Ian, Joe, Jenny, Izzy, Linda, MaryAnn, Mike G, Mike S, and Vera

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Base camp for many of us

The Station Guest House and Whistlestop Cafe

Dancing in "The Thoroughfare" on the Saturday morning.

The only shot of Chris dancing - she turned her ankle shortly afterwards and tore a ligament

OBJ haven't read the "No Parking" sign, and have parked themselves in The Thoroughfare to watch something-or-other.

In the foreground: Linda, MaryAnn, Dave C, Joe and Doug.

Dancing Brimfield in the park

Colin, Izzy and Alison in the foreground

Hay-on-Wye in the park

Linda facing the camera

The Quayside

Jenny, Izzy, Mike G, Alison, Linda and MaryAnn are dancing The Three Musketeers

Another Quayside dance

Probably Much Gridlock

Hay-on-Wye on the Quayside

Alison and Mike G in the foreground

Parrots provided by Black Skunk Morris

No parrots were left unhurt during the making of this picture

The Quayside spot

Colin & Linda lead off Much Gridlock

The Quayside spot - Alvechurch Smithy in progress

Alison and Linda are in the foreground. Behind them, Colin gasps for breath. Dave C is just visible behind Linda's stick.

Dave C is OBJs newest member and learned several dances during the weekend

The Tide Mill was a really nice spot.

With the granary in the background, we're dancing Sheepskins around some obliging children

Mike G and Joe are in the foreground

The Tide Mill is in the background.

The musicians: Jenny, Anne, Doug, Mike S, MaryAnn, Barbara (Golden Star Morris), Vera and Ian

The Tide Mill.

The tranquility of this lovely part of Suffolk is shattered as OBJ and Wicket Brood dance a double set of The Worcester Monkey to bring proceedings to a close.

An old friend - Martin
Alison can be very photogenic!
We danced with Black Skunk Morris in a couple of spots.

We enjoyed their dancing and their company so much I thought I'd add a couple of pictures (below).

They do perform dances that don't involve parrots.

The Thames Sailing Barge "Centaur" at about 6am on the Sunday morning.

She'd sailed up to Woodbridge for the festival and we'd been to a party on her the night before.

This Austin-Healey 3000 was parked on the quayside on the Saturday. Can I have one please?

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