2006 Scrapbook
New Years Day in Alton

A regular annual event - OBJ, Alton, Fleet, Minden Rose and Knickerbocker Glory danced in Alton Market Square on New Years Day

The Wheatsheaf was voted the most-improved New-Years-Day venue we've ever danced at.

The roll-call was: Alison, Anne, Bob, Colin, Chris, Dave K, Dave Y, Eddie, Ian, Isobel, Jane, Jenny, Joe, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Vera

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The first dance was everyone's favourite - Dilwyn

Below left: Anne, Pam, Doug, Colin and Vera are playing. Nikki, Eddie and Joe are sticking

Below right: Chris, Mike G, Alison and Dave K in the same dance

This is probably White Ladies Aston, judging by the look on Dave's face

Chris, Colin and Dave K are facing us, and Mike G is facing away.

A double-length set of Sheepskins in progress

The munchkins shiver on the ground while parents watch anxiously.

Mike G, Joe and Chris are moving. Linda and Susie are awaiting their turn to move.

Worcester Monkey was the last OBJ dance.

Left: the set is ready to rock. Susie, Jenny and Mike G in foreground. Pam, Doug, Ian and Dave Y are visible in the band

Below left: Nikki and Colin giving it a bit of the old 1-2 123 1-2 12.

Below Right: The Monkey Hey - Nikki and Colin again

Isobel and Alison looking delightful for their second outing in kit
The ladies from Fleet joined us for the day and proved that fairies really can fly.

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