2005 Scrapbook
OBJ's Christmas Party

Doug very kindly donated the use of his house for OBJs Christmas Party.

In a logistical exercise that challenged the Normandy landings for complexity, everyone contributed food chosen from a menu, and followed detailed instructions as to quantity and content.

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Mike G, Vera, Nikki and Andy (2nd founding member of the OBJ fan club) make a start on demolishing the buffet.

The pickled onions and garlic bread made a major contribution to the atmosphere.

Doug and Andy doing their thang.
A quiet moment.

Isobel, Alison and Colin discussing the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

I don't quite know what that hand was doing.

Ian, having recently retired, was taking it easy on the stairs
Anne, Chris and Becky, with Alison in the background.

Once the food was consumed, this area became a seething mass of Squirrel-hunters, Horses Brawlers and Clopton bridge-bashers.

A massed cracker-pull being set up.

Joe, Jenny, Diane, Linda, Susie and a tiny bit of Charlotte, Chris and Jill.

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