2005 Scrapbook
Wokingham Winter Carnival - 27th November

11 sides attended this year, they were Alton, Berkshire Bedlam, Fleet, Hurst Morris People (HuMP), Kennet, OBJ, Phoenix, Rockhopper, Shinfield Shambles, Wicket Brood and Yateley Morris

The weather was kind to us and we had no precipitation, although it was quite cold (well, it is a WINTER carnival). Much of Wokingham turned out for the day and a good time was had by all.

The OBJ side comprised Alison, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Doug, Eddie, Gill, Isobel, Jane, Jenny, Jill ,Joe, Linda, Liz, Mike G, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiffany and Vera. Anne, Ian and Mike S and Charlotte joined us when their duties with Shinfield Shambles permitted.

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The Cotswold sides braved the elements, having donned layers of thermal underwear

Below left: Kennet Morris Men Below right: Hurst Morris People

There was plenty of other street entertainment.

This chap put on a brave face despite his incarceration. At least he was safe from his hairy minder in there.

More morris sides.

Right: Phoenix are nicely colour-coordinated with the fairground ride in Broad Street.

Below: Yateley Morris Men dancing in the Broad Street spot.

Below right: Fleet Morris show that their washing powder washes whiter.

The border sides were better-equipped to deal with the cold

Below left: Alton Morris in the Iceland spot

Below right: Wicket Brood's Dave and Peter

This was the first time in kit for Joe and Alison (below left) and Eddie, Jane and Isobel (below right). A nerve-racking experiec

They came through the day physically and emotionally unscathed, and danced really well.

Here they are in a set dancing Dilwyn.

Right: Eddie, Tiff, Dave K and Alison

Below: Isobel, Nikki, Linda, Mike G, Joe and Liz

Below right: Joe dances off at the end of Dilwyn

Some of the musicians (using the word in it's loosest sense for the one on the left):

Colin, Gill, Charlotte, Doug and Pam.

Vera is just out of the picture on the left. Ian's red coat is just behind Doug, Susie is playing the whistle behind Gill and Anne and Mike S are probably just out of sight.

Jill playing(?) the Lagerphone, and Jane playing the bucket.

Is that Nicky holding the banner?

The best part of the day. The Carnival is Over.

The get-together, session and general larking about in the Broad Street Tavern.

Alison in the foreground, with Dave (fiddle), Doug and Pam, and Nigels rear view.

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