2005 Scrapbook
Weymouth Folk Festival
7-8 May 2005

This year we chose to dance at Weymouth Folk Festival, in our apparent quest to go to every Folk Festival beginning with the letter "W".

The sun shone, the wind blew a bit and we all had a very good time.

OBJ members in attendance were Anne, Colin, Chris, Doug, Ian, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiff and Vera, with a bit of assistance from Dave, of Wicket Brood.

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The band for the weekend: Doug, Pam, Anne, Vera, Mike S and Ian.

Members of Frome Valley Morris look on.

I had to include a picture of us dancing by the sea. This time it's The Worecster Monkey.

The light balance in this picture wasn't quite right, and all my attempts to improve it just seemed to make it worse!

WB's Dave is helping out in this dance.

The Witchmans Thistle

Below left: Just starting - Susie and Jenny nearest the camera.

Below right: Just coming to an end - Tiff, pam and Colin nearest the camera this time.

Sheepskins, using munchkins as hats.

Linda, Mike G, Chris and Colin

Jenny, Pam and Anne, plus a few feet of unknown parentage
These girls were desperate to join in, so we kicked off a Horses Brawl.

They liked it so much that they joined in a couple more dances before we decalared we were too cream-crackered to continue!

A nice girly picture:

Becky, Tiff, Nikki and Vera

Chris applauding one of the other sides
A picture kindly supplied by Frome Valley Morris. Another one for the modes-of-transport collection

I'm quite fond of the sound of steel wheel on rail, and I was was only too eager when Vicky dared me to go on the snail ride.

The chap running it seemed to be bereft of customers all day, and made us endure a couple of extra circuits of the high-speed track.

Safety note: Please don't try this yourself at home. These are specially trained racing snails.

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