2005 Scrapbook
The Watercress Line Morris Day
3rd July 2005

We danced at the Watercress Line's Morris Day this year - for a change.

We took a break from dancing at Christchurch on this weekend so we could indulge the trainspotters in the side (Chris and Colin are volunteers on the Watercress Line.

This year the side comprised Abi, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Dave Y, Doug, Ian, Jenny, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Susie and Vera

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The assembled multitude doing what Morris Dancers do if they are given half a chance.

Here we are, mingling with Taeppas, Mayflower and Fleet Morris

OBJ just finishing Witchmens Thistle, outside Alresford station.

It was taken using a camera that used film - remember those!

Taeppa's Tump (below left) and Mayflower (below right) were there.

In a picture reminiscent of one taken in the same place 4 years previously, here I am pretending I can play the melodeon.

Pam and Gill are in the background together with the business-end of Ian's trombone

OBJ dancing Sheepskins. Chris and Mike G on the left and Jenny and Susie on the right.

The most important part of the picture is the BCK (thats a carriage to you) that has just arrived back having been beautifully overhauled at the East Somerset Railway.


This family's name is Morris, so they thought the day had been organised for their benefit.

Here we are dancing one of the traditional railway-carriage dances "Hunting the Squirrell". In fact it;s a dance traditionally danced almost everywhere by OBJ.

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