2005 Scrapbook
Swanage Folk Festival
10-11 September 2005

Off to Swanage again for a bit of ozone and the feel of sand between our toes.

Once again the Red Lion did an exceptional job by providing the HQ for Morris throughout the festival. It started with rain on the Saturday morning, but thanks to the marquee at the Red Lion we were able to make the best of it. By Saturday afternoon, the weather improved and normal operations were resumed.

The Swanage Railway helped the day along by arranging for several sides to journey to Corfe Castle for the now-traditional additional dance spot on Saturday evening.

The Sunday started with the spot in the churchyard, and we had an excellent time throughout the day, culminating with a mind-blowingly loud triple set performance of Worcester Monkey with Wicket Brood and Exmoor Morris. The day ended with the now-also-traditional marine dances.

Present were: Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Doug, Gill, Ian, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiffany and Vera

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Dancing between the raindrops at The Red Lion

Right: Sheepskins, with Mike G and Dave K leading the hey.

Below left: Witchmens Thistle. Jill, Dave K, Nikki and Jenny face Chris, Mike G, Linda and Tiff

Below right: Linda gets stuck in.


The Heritage Centre Spot.

Right: The band (from L to R) Mike S's drum, Ian, Doug, Jill, Pam, Anne, Gill and Vera

Below: The Hitchhikers Guide to Bracknell makes it's debut appearance at Swanage

Saturday Afternoon

The now-traditional ride on the Swanage Railway and the annual Corfe Castle mini-festival

Yggdrasil Morris joined us for the trip.

Colin, David (WB) and Andrea (Morena) are looking on

Ridgeway Step Clog performing.

The ladies are smiling - shame the photographer was so keen to get their feet into the picture

OBJ dancing the Craven Stomp at Corfe.

Dave Y, Mike G and Linda are visible, together with Pam and Tiff in the band.

We must have enlisted David (WB) into the set as he is dancing just behind Linda.

Wicket Brood dancing at Corfe.

I'm keeping a wary eye on a van that is waiting to drive through

Dave Y and Susie dancing Rosa's Waltz
Sunday Morning

The Churchyard

Four pictures taken during The Witchmens Thistle


Dancing on the sea front

The OBJ band looking splendid

Dave K, Susie, Jenny, Anne, Ian. Gill, Mike S, Mike G, Colin, Tiff and Vera

Sunday Afternoon

Fresh from a triumphant triple-set of Worcester Monkey (OBJ, Wicket Brood and Exmoor Morris), we headed straight into the sea for the customary marine dances.

Wicket Brood doing something-wet-or-other with some assistance from OBJ.
OBJ dancing something-else-wet-or-other.
Proving that OBJ can dance in a straight line - even if it takes the Atlantic Ocean to make it possible.

It's Dilwyn I think

Jenny, Mike G, ??, Chris, ?? Dave Y

Sunday Afternoon

A perfectly-executed "star" - more from Dilwyn.

Jill, Susie, Dave Y, Tiff, and my left hand.

Sunday Afternoon

Part of a set who are dancing
"Hunting the aquatic squirrel"

Tiff, Dave Y and Jenny

Sunday Afternoon

Susie and Dave Y dancing "Rosa's Waltz". Most of OBJ are now bobbing about in the sea

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