2005 Scrapbook
St George's Day at the The Bull, Stanford Dingley
23rd April 2005

Back to the excellent Bull again. The dragon got his revenge by arranging a constant drizzle on the day we commemorate an unforgiveable act of animal cruelty.

Shinfield Shambles and assorted other persons joined us, and I suspect we'll remember the day more for the session in the pub than for the dancing outside.

OBJ members in attendance were Abi, Anne, Colin, Chris, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Gill, Ian, Jenny, Jill, Kelly, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiff and Vera.

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This picture says most of what needs to be said about the weather, climate change and global warming.

Much more of this and we'll evolve back into amphibians!

Doug, Pam, Anne and Ian play on, whilst Dave helps fend of the elements. Tiff, Jenny and Chris huddle.

Abi, Jill, Susie, Colin, Mike G, Diane, Kelly and Dave K dance something-or-other.
Shinfield Shambles joined us for the day.

Here they are, doing something wet.

The obliagory Brimfield.

Mike G Abi, Kelly, Tiff Dave K and Jill are identifiable from left to right.

Shinfield Shambles, including Jenny, perform another aquatic display
Abi, showing one of her most attractive features.

Like a Giraffe, she can lick her ears with that tongue.

Dave K has just discovered those things on the end of his legs.

Doug's ancient (but lovely) Salterelle melodeon drowned. It was interred outside the pub.
The best (and driest) part of the day.

Doug and Gill playing.

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