2005 Scrapbook
Lily Hill Park, Bracknell
26 June 2005

Bracknell Forest Borough Council have just finished refurbishing Lily Hill Park, and organanised a very pleasant community day the celebrate it's re-opening.

There were many entertainments on offer, including horse-drawn wagon rides, falconry, tug-of-war and our good selves. All of them attracted large and appreciative audiences.

We performed on the only suitable surface, which was in the wooded area - thus the pictures are a little under-exposed.

Present on the day were: Abi, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Dave Y, Diane, Gill, Ian, Jenny, Jill, Kelly, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie and Tiffany

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The Craven Stomp

The four pictures below all come from the same dance (I think!)

Abi, Dave Y, Diane, Jenny, Linda, Mike G, Nikki and Tiff are all in there somewhere

I'm not quite sure which dance this is. It can't be the same one as the participants are different!

Linda, Susie, Colin, Diane and Nikki are doing it.

The band that day comprised Anne, Ian, Gill, Mike S and Vera. They were assisted in this picture by Colin (lagerphone), Dave K (guitar), Kelly (drum), plus several junior operatives in the percussion department
The inevitable, oft-repeated (and probably much-enjoyed) East Acton dance in progress.

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