2005 Scrapbook
New Years Day in Alton

OBJ, Alton, Fleet, Minden Rose and Knickerbocker Glory danced in Alton Market Square on New Years Day.

The Wheatsheaf captured the UK record for slow and grudging service. We'll go to another venue next year to see if they can wrest the title from them.

Despite the efforts of the pub, it was a really nice day out.

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OBJ dancing Sheepskins and making a fair amount of noise

I can't remember the nice lady's name who "volunteered" to hold the OBJ banner

I think it's Abi's rear-view, and Gill, Chris, Ian, Anne, Doug and Colin are visible in the band

OBJ dancing Brimfield

Nikki and Colin are facing this way

Minden Rose form up for a dance

It's rare to get a chance to see 6 people looking so cold!

Alton moving at such high speed that the camera just couldn't keep up with them!
Knickerbocker Glory
(with a bit of help from Minden Rose)
Fleet were dancing, but I think the musician's best friend stole the show.

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