2004 Scrapbook
Wreckers Wonderful Weekend of Dance
24-25 July 2004

Wreckers invited us to their Weekend of Dance in Cornwall, which was based in the twin villages of Kingsand and Cawsand which overlook Plymouth Sound. It's probably fair to say that none of us were prepared for the spectacular beauty of the area.

Maker Heights - an old Napoleonic War barracks with later additions - was the base for the weekend and provided excellent facilities. The weekend included a bus trip to Looe, a ride on the train to Paul Corrin's Magnificent Music Museum, and a Boat Trip up to Calstock. My personal vote goes to the boat trip as the most memorable part of the weekend.

Congratulations to Wreckers (especially Andrew) for a superb weekend.

This weekend, OBJ comprised: Abi, Adrian, Bob, Chris, Colin, Dave, Diane, Doug, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Mike G, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiff and Vera. Fiona, Rob and Paul also fulfilled vital supporting roles.

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Maker Heights

This is the view we encountered on reaching Maker Heights - base-camp for the weekend.

Kingsand and Cawsand are nestling down in the bay.

Thursday 22 July 2004

We travelled down to Cornwall on the Thursday to allow time for a recce before the dancing started.

This is the view from Rame Head across Plymouth Sound

Thursday 22 July 2004

The Navy at work

A Type 23 Frigate (I think!)

Thursday 22 July 2004

We had been advised to visit Rame Head for sunset.

This is the tiny chapel with shadows already forming

Thursday 22 July 2004

The reason why we visited Rame Head

Thursday 22 July 2004

Two Peregrine Falcons were performing a high-speed aerobatic display. Heres a much-enlarged picture of one.

The view from our B&B overlooking the bay.
Saturday 24th July

Wreckers arranged a bus trip to Looe, where we processed to an official reception by the mayor.

Dancing continued, followed by a trip on the Looe Valley branch line.

Saturday 24th July

In the evening we set sail (well, motor really) up the river Tamar to Calstock.

Each side performed a quick dance, followed by a massed East Acton (right), then we re-embarked to continue the music session (below).

This was accompanied by the OBJ theme-activity for the weekend which involved several people in pursuit of an invisible squirrel (below right, I think!).

Sunday 25th July

OBJ dancing in Kingsand (below)

Sunday 25th July

Dancing in Cawsand Square

OBJ, Wreckers and a massed dance

Andrew, from Wreckers, who organised the weekend

Sunday - after the dancing

Feet were buried, and OBJ desported themselves in the sea (censored in the interests of good taste).

Rame Head was visited for a bit more music and squirrel-hunting

Then back to Maker Heights for a quiet night in.

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