2004 Scrapbook
Swanage Folk Festival
11-12 September 2004

We've been looking forward to Swanage all year and were just mildly concerned when the weather forecast turned wet and windy. However, Swanage hadn't listened to the forecast too carefully, so we stayed dry throughout the weekend - even if it was a little overcast and breezy at times.

The staff at the Red Lion did an exceptional job by opening up an old outbuilding just in case, and their service was cheerful and efficient throughout. The Red Lion is 2nd home to most morris dancers for the weekend so this really helped things along.

Chris was dancing for the first time in three months as her stress-fracture had healed, but Colin was suffering from a post-Bunkfest virus and was taking it easy.

Present were: Abi, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave, Doug, Gill, Ian, Jerry, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiffany and Vera

Colin and Jenny were briefly interviewed for BBC South Today - You can find some video here

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Dancing somewhere near Tourist Information on the sea-front. It's a bit warmer than it looks!

Vera, Gill, Carey, Mike S


The same spot on the sea-front.

A girlie Three Musketeers

Chris, Pam and Abi face away, Linda and Jill face us. Tiff is hiding behind Chris.


The Heritage Centre Spot
(AKA Fish&Chip Shop spot)

Dave, Abi, Tiff and Mike G dancing White Ladies Aston(?) with Doug playing


The Heritage Centre Spot again.

White Ladies Aston finishing.

Saturday at the Heritage Centre Spot

Worcester Monkey in progress

Saturday Afternoon

OBJ invited a few other sides to join them for a ride on the Swanage Railway up to Corfe Castle.

113 Morris Dancers made the trip, and we had an excellent time.

Dave, Gill and Jerry (in kit) prepare to board. Abi's family, Dale, plus Louise and John are also in the picture.

Saturday Afternoon at Corfe Castle

Motley Morris are dancing.

Wicket Brood, Wreckers, Bideford Phoenix and some ladies in green trousers joined us

Saturday Afternoon at Corfe Castle

OBJ dancing the Witchmens Thistle.

Susie and Chris are in the foreground

Saturday Afternoon at Corfe Castle

The band.

Dave (WB), Mike S, Jan (WB), Vera, Ian, Carey, Colin, Mike G and Doug.

Louise (not in kit) and John are just visible.

Sunday Morning at the Churchyard

OBJ and Wicket Brood danced a double set of Worcester Monkey before a vast audience.

This was likely to be Martin and Jan's last appearance at Swanage so we felt this was an appropriate tribute to the authors of the dance and the music.

Jill, Abi, Tiff, Colin and Nikki are visible in OBJ kit.

Sunday Morning at the Churchyard

Looking more like a melee than a dance, the double-set of Worcester Monkey reaches its noisy climax.

The combined OBJ and WB band comprised at least 15 musicians!

Sunday Afternoon

The official dancing is over, so we make for the sea.

A chaotic dance involving Wicket Brood, OBJ and that nice lady from Hobo's Morris (what is her name?)

This is the scene just before Winkleigh Morris dashed through the set creating a mini-tidal-wave.

Sunday Afternoon

Some of us didn't fancy a soaking and stayed on terra firma for a change.

Colin, Vera, Abi's mum and brother (Hazel and Owen) and the WB saxophonist

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