2004 Scrapbook
Christchurch Folk Festival
3-4 July 2004

We've just had an excellent weekend thanks to our hosts Boghoppers & Bushbeaters - well done! So it was a little damp from time to time - we didn't care, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Unfortunately, the bold navigators of Christchurch managed to get their boats from Christchurch Quay to Mudeford without running aground this year, so by way of a fond memory we shall recall the massed East Acton set on Saturday featuring the lady mayor of Christchurch, Councillor Susan Spittle, and the charming police lady whose name and number we didn't record. The mayor joined us again on the Sunday and joined a couple of dances. Thanks for being such good sports and adding to our enjoyment of the weekend.

This year OBJ won the celebrated and world-renowned Christchurch Wooden Spoon. Forget Euro2004 (whatever that is), Wimbledon and all other trivial contests - it's the Christchurch Wooden Spoon that really counts.

OBJ-ers present were: Abi, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave, Doug, Ian O, Jenny, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Susie, Tiffany and Vera.

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Brimfield in progress on the Saturday

Nikki, Abi, Tiff and Linda lay into Colin Jenny, Dave and MIke G.

Witchmens Thistle

Jenny, Nikki, Dave and Colin faceTiff, Abi, Linda and Mike G

Above: Three pictures from the award-winning White Ladies Aston in the square.
Above: The band. On the left, Susie, Chris, Ian, Anne, Pam. On the right, Anne, Pam, the banner-holders, Doug, and Vera.
Above: The triumphant moment when the mayor (Councillor Sue Spittle) presented the sought-after Wooden Spoon.
Above: Following the Wooden Spoon award, we set up a massed East Acton.

Jackie is centre in the orderly-looking picture on the left. The picture on the right includes the mayor and a policewoman who joined in with great enthusiasm.

Sunday, on the boat trip to Mudeford Quay.

None of us can recall what that chap is doing with the pointed stick - it looks painful anyway.

Dave is not relieving himself in traditional maritime fashion, but playing the mandolin.

Sunday, another picture from the boat trip

We are sailing....

Sunday at Mudeford Quay

That spoon again.

Above: the traditional East Acton to end the dancing on Sunday.

The mayor made a special trip to join the fun and present the engraved spoon which I know we will treasure. Now, what have I done with it?

A team picture as the rain started.

Perhaps one will turn up without a rain-drop on the lens!

Aha, one did!

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