2003 Scrapbook
Chippenham Folk Festival
30 May 2004

OBJ missed the 2003 festival but put in an appearance in 2004.

We had an excellent days dancing on the Sunday, including the exhausting stage performance near the end of the day, and liked it so much that some of us came back in civvies for the Monday.

The highlight was probably when Witchmen suggested we dance the "Witchmens Thistle" at the Rose&Crown spot. They were very kind about the results.

The team comprised: Abi, Anne, Bob, Chris, Colin, Dave, Gill, Ian, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Pam, Tiff, Vera

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Well, how are we going to make a morris team out of this lot?
The Rose & Crown spot

Getting ready to dance something-or-other

Linda, Colin, Abi and Mike G in the foreground.

Anne, Gill and Pam prepare to play, assisted by Vera and Bob.

The Rose&Crown again

This looks like the chorus in White Ladies Aston

Jenny and Tiff in the foreground.

Witchmen look on

Witchmen's Thistle

Tiff, Abi, Linda and Chris in the cross-over figure

Brimfield (above)

Colin and Chris (left), Jenny, Abi and Mike G (right)

Hay-on-Wye in progress

Linda, Tiff and Mike G

Sheepskins in the High Street (above)

Colin and Tiff at this end of the set

Dave and Jenny
Chris and Abi
On the stage

We generally prefer not to dance on stages as morris should be done amongst the audience.

Colin introduces the first dance and Henry (our banner-bearer). The others wait in eager anticipation

White Ladies Aston on the stage

The chorus (above left) and linked-hey figure (above right)

The band on the stage

Abi, Bob, Anne, Gill, Pam, Ian

Mike and Vera are just outside the picture

The standard way of ending the day when Wicket Brood is with us.

A double set of Worcester Monkey

Probably the best dance at the festival

Above left: Jenny and Abi doing nothing-in-particular

Above right: Abi: "Dave, don't you love me any more?"


An integral part of Witchmens performance.

I don't know what he/she/it is called

On Monday, some of us were watching (and heckling) Wicket Brood.

At an opportune moment, many of Wicket Broods dancers developed a headache and the audience was asked for "volunteers" to help them out with a Worcester Monkey.

Jenny, Colin, Chris and Tiff stepped forward.

Another picture from the same dance.

Chris is most visible.

Tiff and David finish off the Monkey Hey (or is it Hay?) at the end of the dance.

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