2004 Scrapbook
Red Lion, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell
26 september 2004

Jenny and Chris had their birthdays on the same day this year (Funny, that seems to happen every year). So on the following Sunday we danced at Jenny's local in BcS.

The pictures are just an excuse to include this very photogenic pub in the scrapbook.

Masons Apron joined us for the day. This may be the beginning of a "tradition".

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This is probably "white Ladies Aston".

Jenny, Colin and Linda are visible at this end of the set.

Later in the same dance.

Abi, Susie and Chris are facing us.

That chap leaning on the fence hasn't moved!

Brimfield being danced.

Derek-the-Nutters big head got in the way.

Could that be a future Monarch of the Bean making a public spectacle of himself? Click here to find out.

It's a good job that other future monarchs don't carry on like this. (What's that? Oh, they do)

The dancing finished with the obligatory East Acton, danced by OBJ, Masons Apron and anyone else foolish enough to join in.
We sang "happy birthday" to Chris and Jenny (where's Chris?).

Jenny and her Gran cut the cake and it was consumed with mass approval.

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