2003 Scrapbook
Wokingham Winter Carnival - 30th November

Once again, the weather looked like a problem, but the day started with clear blue skies and the rain didn't appear until we were safely ensconced in the Broad Street Tavern for a session at the end of the day.

14 sides attended this year, and raised 500 for MacMillan Cancer Relief. The sides were Aldbrickham Clog, Alton Morris, Basing Clog, Berkshire Bedlam, Hurst Morris People (HuMP), Kennet Morris Men, Kintbury Morris, OBJ Border Morris, Old Speckled Hen, Pheonix Morris, Rockhopper Morris, Shinfield Shambles, Wicket Brood and Yateley Morris

The OBJ side comprised Abi, Bob, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Doug, Gill, Jenny, Jerry, Jill, Linda, Mike G, Nikki, Pam, Tiffany, Tony and Vera. Anne, Ian and Mike S joined us when their duties with Shinfield Shambles permitted.

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Getting ready to dance a double set of Sheepskins

The inaugural appearance of the mini-Christmas-trees, thoughtfully provided by Pam for the occasion.

On the left, Jenny and Colin; Gill and Doug visible in the band, and Chris, Tiff, Abi, Pam and Dave K on the right.

It was also the inaugural appearance of Abi.

Another picture from the same Sheepskins set: Dave K, Pam, Chris, Abi, Jill and Tiff are standing, while Nikki and Louise (out of kit) are dancing.

A Worcestershire Monkey in its final stages.

Some of the set have already danced off, leaving Colin, Abi, Mike G and Nikki still to go.

In the band are Vera, Gill, Mike S, Doug, Ian and Dave K is the banner holder.

The same Worcestershire Monkey viewed from the other end of the set in a much better light.

Jill, Tony, Abi and Colin are on the left, while Jenny, Chris, Mike G and Nikki are on the right.

The band in this picture are: Gill, Doug, Mike S, Pam, Anne, Ian, Tiff (lagerphone) and Dave K (banner holder and lagerphone)

They seem to be enjoying it as much as the dancers.

A very cute little munchkin joined the band to rattle a tambourine.

Here she is with Ian and Doug.

What do 4 petrified morris dancers look like?

Here are Jenny, Abi, Tiff, a stray punter and Dave K "enjoying" a fairground ride.

It's probably best that it's not in sharp focus.

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