2003 Scrapbook
Wimborne Folk Festival
15 June 2003

Our first appearance at Wimborne Folk Festival. Not too many pictures just yet, but no doubt more will materialise.

We baked in the hot weather, but managed to give it some energy despite the dehydration - although this became a bit of a challenge towards the end of the day.

Present on the day were: Adrian, Anne, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Doug, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jerry, Jenny, Jill, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam and Tony.

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Dancing the Chorus of Alvechurch Smithy - appropriately called "Arrows".

Just look at those feet.

Chris and Mike G are visible on the left, Dave K in the middle and Colin on the right.

The "Freeze" figure in Alvechurch Smithy

Adrian is on tickling duty.

The "Men In" figure in Alvechurch Smithy

The ladies are Jenny, Jill, Nikki and Chris. The men are Dave K in the foreground, plus Tony, Mike G and Colin

The Band - and what a band!

Vera, Gill, Carey, Anne, Doug, Pam, Ian F, Adrian

Ian O and Mike S are out of shot

Three members of Swanage Bay Morris await their fate as we prepare to dance Sheepskins.

On the left are Jenny, Nikki and Adrian, and Tony is visible on the right.

One of the last dances that day for OBJ and Wicket Brood. A mixed double set of Craven Stomp.

Jerry and Nikki from OBJ and Anne and David from Wicket Brood.

David had broken two fingers on his right hand a few days before (needless to say, in a sticking accident)

One of several audience-participation dances performed that day.

Here we are "doing" East Acton, with Colin, Jenny and Mike G in the foreground

These folks joined the band for a while.

Rob's newly-made lagerphone proved very popular.

Towards the end of the day.

Jenny, Jill, Jerry and Carey, with Anya - the latest member of the OBJ Fan Club (Wimborne Branch).

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