2003 Scrapbook
Wicket Brood Day of Dance, St Albans
29th March 2003

Another year, and another excellent Wicket Brood Day of Dance in St Albans.

We kicked off at the Clock Tower, thence to the Verulam Arms, the Abbey and The Fighting Cocks (one of several pubs claimed to be the oldest pub in England). We had the pleasure of the Slovakian Morena dancers in addition to our mates in Wicket Brood.

The dancing highlight of the day was probably the massed East Acton dance at the Abbey - with over 60 participants. Maybe a picture will turn up.

Present on the day were: Adrian, Bob, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Gill, Ian F, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Liz, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Ruth and Vera.

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OBJ dancing Brimfield near the Clock Tower

The men are Colin, Dave K, Adrian (almost hidden) and Mike G (hidden). The ladies are Jenny, Nikki, Ruth and Diane.

Brimfield again - from the other end of the set. Adrian is facing us, and Ruth is doing some kind of fairy dance.
The OBJ band.

From L to R: Gill (just), Pam, Jan (from WB), Doug, Mike S, Ian F, Vera and Bob

Wicket Brood dancing at the clock tower.

Jan and Martin playing.

The Morena band.

I'm afraid I don't know their names, and even if I did, I probably couldn't spell them!

After the Clock-Tower, off to The Verulam Arms for lunch and a bit more dancing

Adrian, Bob, Colin, Vera, Gill and Mike S
Jenny, Nikki and Ruth are identifiable in this dance

This could be Wrekin Havoc - it seems to involve both Left and Right Cuddles

Something seems to have got Ruths attention

Wicket Brood relaxing at the Verulam Arms

Martin in the foreground

More relaxing....

This time, at the Abbey. Pam plays the concertina while others mill about or listen or both.

Lined up outside St Albans Abbey, ready (in most cases) to dance a double set of Sheepskins around these cherubic children
The Sheepskins in progress

Jenny Ruth and Mike G on the left, with Linda, Nikki and Colin dancing

OBJ and Wicket Brood in a double Worcester Monkey at the Fighting Cocks

Sixteen Morris Dancers standing in two straight lines. It may happen again - but probably not any time soon.

Nearest are Linda and Ruth with Adrian and Diane visible

The chorus of Alvechurch Smithy, danced to perfection

Chris and Jenny are just crossing, whilst Mike G and Adrian approach.

The "dunk" or "men-in" figure in Alvechurch Smithy.

The facing men are Adrian and Mike G, with Jenny and Linda sticking

What dance is this? Is it a dance at all?

Whatever is going on, Adrian seems to be standing watching it

Morena dancing at The Fighting Cocks.

The "Lady in Red" is Andreijka (spelled something like that).

The end!!!

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