2003 Scrapbook
Warnham and Michael Turner

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Morris Dancing, unless you like to dance Rosa's Waltz to the tune of Michael Turner's Waltz.

Michael Turner (1796-1885) came from Warnham, Sussex - the same village as my Charman ancestors. He was Sexton and Clerk for 50 years and the leader of the village band and choir.

His grave is just outside the door of St Margarets Church in Warnham, and inside the church are his violin (with strings possibly supplied by my ancestor Henry Charman in 1848), his spectacles and his tuning fork.

We visited on 14th March 2003.

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St Margarets Church, Warnham, where Michael Turner served as Clerk and Sexton from 1830 to 1880
Colin and Michael Turner's grave by the church door. The inscription says:

to the memory
Michael Turner
Clerk and Sexton of this Parish
For 50 years
From Jan.17 1830 to Jan.20 1880.
Born May 25.1796. Died Dec.18.1885

His duty done, beneath this stone.
Old Michael lies at rest.
His rustic rig, his song, his jig,
Were ever of the best.

With nodding head the choir he led.
That none should start too soon,
The second too, he sang full true.
His viol played the tune.

And when at last his age had passed.
One hundred less eleven.
With faithful cling to fiddle string.
He sang himself to heaven.

Michael Turner's violin and spectacles inside the church

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