2003 Scrapbook
Swanage Folk Festival
6-7 September 2003

Swanage, and the illustrious David Blakeley, performed yet another miracle, and offered us lovely weather and an excellent folk festival.

What was the highlight this year?
Was it the impromptu session in the Red Lion garden with the Moon and Mars so close you could almost touch them?
Was it the brilliant rendering of White Ladies Aston in the Sunday churchyard spot?
Was it "Here comes Sally" sung by Paul from Wreckers?
Was it the train ride and dancing at Corfe Castle?
Or was it that Dave K managed not show his backside during the water-fight at the end of Sundays dancing?

Present were: Anne, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Doug, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jerry, Jenny, Jill, Jim J, Kelly, Linda, Liz, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Tiffany, Tony and Vera

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Dancing White Ladies Aston in the churchyard on Sunday

Chris?, Tony, Jill, Tiff, Nikki, Colin, Jenny and Linda

The band are almost invisible in the picture, but were brilliant

Another shot from the White Ladies Aston in the churchyard, just to demonstrate how perfect our stepping and lines are!

Jill, Tiff, Nikki, Colin, Tony and Linda are visible

Kelly and Tiff in the churchyard before our spot
More pre-dance relaxation in the churchyard.

Jill (standing), Dave K and Colin (recumbent), Jenny (sitting) and Linda (standing)

It looks like a chin-wag in the Red Lion garden, but tiff is actually receiving a foot massage from Chris
Dancing on the sea-front

Tony and Linda in the foreground, dancing a Worcester Monkey

Emma is a member of the OBJ Fan Club (Swanage Branch) .

Here, she poses with Gill, Colin and Jerry.

Swanage bay is in the background, doing what it does best - ie looking gorgeous.

The Corfe Castle train ride on Saturday evening was terrific.

We were accompanied by Wicket Brood, Kintbury, Wreckers, Tarka (I think!) Morris, and Shinfield Shambles.

The star was, of course, the castle.

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and other times, I just sits.

sitting: Kelly, Tiff, Nikki, Doug, Pam, Carey

standing: Vera, Colin, Mike S (Shinfield kit), Linda, Rob (Mayflower kit), Mike G and Tony

Wreckers dancing at Corfe Castle

They were good company for the weekend

OBJ performing the traditional aquatic Dilwyn, just prior to the water-fight, which for reasons of good taste is excluded.

Just look at those white legs.

And lastly, we were very pleased to see a watercolour postcard of the OBJ band playing last year on the sea front.

It had been touched up with purple, and on the back it said "Wicked Brood at Swanage".

I'm looking for a copy!

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