2003 Scrapbook
Rochester Sweeps Festival
4th May 2003

Our second appearance at Rochester Sweeps Festival, and its fair to say, we weren't half bad!

We were attended by our one-boy fan-club - Guy, plus his brother Kim, mum (Terri) and dad (Adrian). Adrian kindly supplied many of the pictures included here. The weather and audience were excellent, making it a lovely day.

This was the first big outing for Tiffany and Kelly - they did really well, as did the whole side.

Present on the day were: Anne, Bob, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jerry, Jenny, Jill, Kelly, Linda, Louise (watching), Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Tiffany, Tony and Vera.

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An aerial view of the band.

I can make out Mike G (fascinated by the lady on the scooter), Barbara (from Wicket Brood), Anne, Ian O, Jerry, Gill, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Doug, Carey, Ian Fs tuba, and Vera. Jan (WB) is in there somewhere too.

Far outnumbering the dancers!

Proving that its easy to get the diagonal lines right in Three Musketeers
(yes there are 6 of us, and anyway, there were 4 musketeers in the story).

This side are Jenny, Jill and Chris and the far side are Colin, Tiff and Linda.

Another picture from Three Musketeers.

We may make the "teapot" posture a part of the notation. Plus, it helps if your back is aching!

The Alvechurch Smithy.

The men are Dave K, Colin, Mike G and Tony (hidden). The ladies are Chris, Nikki, Jenny and Jill

Another Alvechurch Smithy picture - during the "freeze" figure.

Dave K, Tony, Nikki and Chris

The "forge" figure in Alvechurch Smithy
Hay-on-Wye (Why?)

Nikki, Tiff and Linda on this side, with Jenny and Kelly on the other side.


Jenny (AKA Lassie) dancing opposite Colin

You have to have seen the film Porkys to understand the reference to Lassie

Jenny, Nikki and Jerry in the same dance.
Another band picture towards the end of a great day.

Gill, Pam, Jan (WB), Anne, Barbara (WB), Ann, Mike S, Doug, Ian O, Carey, Ian F and Vera.

Dancing the inevitable double set of Worcester Monkey with Wicket Brood - and jolly good it was too!
Sheepskins, with a bit of help from the audience.

Nikki, Tiff and Kelly are standing, while Linda, Jenny, Colin, Jill, Dave K and Tony do the Sheepskins hey.

Sitting are Guy, Hazel, and members of the audience including our friend John, who is weraing the white shirt.

An audience participation dance. It took about 20 minutes to teach East Acton and when it was finally danced with a set of about 40 or 50, they really did it well.

Meanwhile, the audience looked on with fascination.

Our fan club.

This is Guy (in the rag jacket) and his little brother Kim. Guy features in the scrapbook for the 2002 Rochester Sweeps Festival.

Another picture of Guy and Kim accompanied by Carey.

Displaying their badges made by Mike S for the occasion.

Our musicians helped out Young Miscellany for much of the day.

Kathy won the "young musician of the festival" prize

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