2003 Scrapbook
Dancing in Henley
22 July 2003

Off to Henley for our traditional end-of-summer-term bash with Phoenix and Shinfield Shambles. The local council have done an excellent job of paving Fallaise Square, in front of the Town hall - making it even more attractive and suited to our purpose.

This time, an obviously important personage made his way over to me, asking "are you in charge?".

Arrgh, I thought! The good citizens of Henley are complaining about the row, and we're about to be sent off. I was just rehearsing my speech about "we're allowed to do this, 'tis an ancient charter", when the personage introduced himself as the mayor.

He went on to say this was wonderful and that they would like to encourage more of it, even if he couldn't work out exactly what it was, and why it was happening. Bravo, your worshipfulness.

The highlight of the evening (for me) was in the Horse&Groom later, when a couple of members of Wreckers Morris led a pub dance "Here comes Suzy". I wish I could remember the words!

Present on the day were: Adrian, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Diane, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Kelly, Linda, Liz, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Tiffany and Vera.

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Judjing by the number of feet and sticks, this may have been a rendering of Hay-on-Wye.

Henley's town hall looks on in wonderment.

Diane and Kelly are at this end of the set.

The disgracefully photogenic Nikki, during Hay-on-Wye

Isn't she gorgeous?

Proving that it's just possible to have straight lines in two dances, this may be Worcester Monkey.

Jenny and Diane are in the foreground.

Dave K is getting a bit excited with his guitar in the background.

Dancing Sheepskins around the munchkins.

Diane, Chis, Nikki and Kelly.

The band.

Anne, Gill, Pam, Chris and Vera. Ian F, Ian O and Mike S were also playing.

Phoenix Morris joined us for the evening and excelled themselves in the pub afterwards.

Here they are dancing in the square.

Shinfield Shambles also joined us.

Hilary is in the foreground and Jenny is helping out.

The final dance in Falaise Square.

The obligatory massed East Acton forming up, including dancers from all sides and members of the audience.

"I'll explain this very slowly, as there are morris dancers present.....".


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