2003 Scrapbook
Filming Sort-it-out Man, East End, near Newbury
2 March 2003

We had a call from a TV production company one Friday afternoon - it went like:

"We are filming a TV programme about Sort-it-out Man (a sort of super-hero) who is arranging to create a pub in East End for the day.
We thought it would be nice to have some morris dancers, so do you think you could find some?"

"Yes", I said. "When do you need them?"

"the day after tomorrow"

"I'll do my best"

We actually managed to get almost the whole side out, and it turned out to be a hoot!

The programme was due to go out on BBC3 in April/May. The participants are eagerly awaiting this high-quality digital broadcast!!

Postscript: It turned out that the programme was never broadcast - it wasn't contentious enough!!  
But we appeared in the programme's opening and closing titles very week

You can find some video here

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This is "take 5" of Sort-it-out Man waiting for Dave (the slightly over-weight boy wonder) to emerge from the portaloo.
"It's not easy being a super-hero. You have to do everything yourself"
It's not easy being a morris dancer either. This picture sums up some of the sheer excitement involved in filming.

Ian O, Mike G, Gill, Vera, Anne, Colin and Linda.

Dancing Brimfield for the cameras.

Dave (the boy wonder) and Sort-it-out-man look on

More of Brimfield as Sort-it-out-man gets carried away.
Our super-heros ran the "pub" that had been erected for the afternoon.

Ian F and Dave K look on.

Sheepskins around some of the children.

Jenny, Nikki and Linda moving, while Dave D and Dave K are about to do their bit.

Dancing off at the end of Sheepskins

Linda and Dave K with the smallest one.

A picture that I lifted from the CAMRA web site

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