2003 Scrapbook
Dogmersfield Fete, Flower&Produce and Dog Show (I think)

19 July 2003

We were invited to dance at Dogmersfield's extravaganza - which was on a truly magnificent scale.

The best bits? The lady with the Tawny Owl and dancing in the Chinook.

Present on the day were: Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Kelly, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Tiffany, Tony and Vera.

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Dancing on grass in the key of E - very dangerous.

Worcester Monkey in progress.

Visible are Nikki, Chris, Jenny, Linda, Tiffany, Tony and Colin

Hay-on-Wye showing off the rag jackets aerodynamic qualities

Linda, Tiff, Nikki, Jenny, Kelly? and Diane

Colin is explaining what to do with the banana

Getting ready for either an East Acton.

Linda, Kelly, Tiff, Jenny and Adrian with assorted future Members of Parliament.

Members of the fruit and vegetable percussion section of the band.
RAF Odiham had kindly arranged for this Chinook helicopter to be present for us.

Here we are arrayed in front of the beast before our attempt on the "most modes of transport danced in" record.

Now where are the pictures of us dancing in it?

Aha - here it is, just arrived 9 months later!

OBJ dancing in a Chinook helicopter - what will we do in 2004?

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