2003 Scrapbook
Dog Days Do at the Seven Stars, Knowl Hill
9th March 2003

The seventh appearance at the Dog Days Do - accompanied by Taeppa's Tump. Sadly, this will be our last appearance at the Dog Days Do, as it's not happening any more.

The weather remained fine, the musicians turned up on time, no-one locked themselves out of their car, and we had a nice day. Tiffany made her first public appearance.

The side at this years "do" comprised Anne, Bob, Colin, Chris, Dave D, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Linda, Liz, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Ruth, Tiffany, Tony and Vera

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Not for the first time; OBJ dancing two sets of Hay-on-Wye at The Seven Stars

From L-R: Tony, Liz, Jill, Ruth, Nikki, Dave D, Linda, Dave K, Diane?, Tiff, Jenny, Mike G

The band etc: Colin, Chris, Ian F, Ian O, Anne, Pam, Bob, Doug and Vera, with Liz Dancing
Taeppa's Tump dancing with their usual precision
Looks like the Craven stomp to me.

From L-R the visible dancers are Ruth, Mike G, Nikki, Linda, Jill, Tony (hidden), Chris and Pam

Tiff's first appearance in OBJ kit

Dancing Sheepskins around 3 hapless (but not hatless) volunteers

Tiff awaits her turn while Dave K dances

Another shot of Tiff in the same dance

From L-R: Tony, Tiff and Liz

Bob, Tiff and Linda

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