2003 Scrapbook
Christchurch Folk Festival
5-6 July 2003

For the first time, we appeared at Christchurch Folk Festival, and were even invited to do the ceilidh spot. The combination of good weather, a well-organised festival, and a delightful location, made this a weekend to treasure. The festival was hosted by Boghoppers and Bushbeaters, who deserve our warmest thanks.

The highlight of the weekend was the boat trip downriver from Christchurch to Mudeford Quay - although it was disrupted by unexpected tidal conditions (there was a low tide and the ferry ran aground), we just hung in there and enjoyed it while the organisers tore their hair out.

Present were: Anne, Chris, Colin, Doug, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Kelly, Linda, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam and Tiffany. Tony and Liz joined us for the Sunday.

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Saturday, in Saxon Square

Pam is trying to work out how to dance the Craven Stomp

Nikki, Colin, pam, Jenny, Jill and the band

Doug getting 40 or 50 winks.
The Boat-house spot on Saturday, and a Worcester Monkey is in progress

linda, Tiff, Chris, Colin, Jill and Mike G

Also the Boat-house on Saturday

Brimfield, with Tiff in foreground, Jenny on the left and Jill on the right

The procession on Saturday - which wasn't too bad after all.

Tiff, Jenny and Nikki on the left, Kelly and Mike G on the right.

In the band, Doug, Ian O, Pam and mike S are visible. Ian F and Anne are there somewhere.

Probably the best spot on Saturday was lunchtime at the Thomas Tripp.

Jenny's banner makes is first appearance.

Pam, Vera and Mike G at rest.

Dancing on the quay - probably on Sunday morning

This is the Valiant Soldier

Nikki and Jenny in the foreground.


The boat trip about to get under way. The seasick pills had been duly taken at breakfast time.

Right: Liz, Nikki and Chris on the right

Below left: Kelly and Jenny

Below right: Nigel, Colin, Ian O and Jill

The conversation went something like "wouldn't it be fun to have a picture of all of you taking pictures of all of us taking pictures of all of you".

Three members of Wild Hunt Morris (Sorry, I don't know your names), with and without cameras.

I imagine theres a similar kind of picture on Wild Hunt's web site.

Alvechurch Smithy on the quay at Mudeford

Colin and Jenny (who became a man on this occasion)

The "East Acton" at Saturday nights ceilidh seemed to work well enough and avoided a lot of strenuous effort on our part.

Ian from Wickham Morris asked if we could do it all over again on Sunday, so we duly obliged.

We were joined by some members of the public and everyone in Wild Hunt and Bideford Phoenix Morris.

Ian is on the right of the picture below. Kelly and Jenny are in the foreground of the picture below right.

Pam having her war-paint forcibly removed by Doug and Colin.

Perhaps it's as well that the hat obscured her contorted face.

Just after Nikki, Tony and Jill had left us, someone said "why don't we take a team picture?"

The back row: Doug, Mike G, Ian O, Anne, Mike S, Pam, Ian F, Colin, Chris and Linda.

The front row: Liz, Vera, Jenny, Kelly and Tiffany.

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