2002 Scrapbook
Wokingham Winter Carnival - 1st December

The Wokingham Winter Carnival dawned with heavy rain and acute misgivings, but the collective pleading with whoever controls the weather bore fruit. It stopped!!! And it stayed stopped until the carnival was over.

12 sides attended this year, and raised 500 for MacMillan Cancer Relief. The sides were Aldbrickham Clog, Alton Morris, Berkshire Bedlam, Hurst Morris People (HuMP), Jackstraws Morris, Kennet Morris Men, OBJ Border Morris, Old Speckled Hen, Pheonix Morris, Rockhopper Morris, Shinfield Shambles and Wicket Brood

The OBJ side comprised Adrian, Bob, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave D, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Gill, Jerry, Jill, Jim, Linda, Liz, Louise, Lynne, Mike G, Nikki, Pam, Rob, Tony and Vera.

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"OBJ Morris Dancers get in step" it says in the local paper. Cheek! - we actually managed to do the whole dance in step.

In this set, Rob, Jim, Lynne, Dave D and Colin are visible.

Are we going to do this, or what?

Getting ready to dance something, but it's not clear what it's likely to be.

This is it in progress. It looks more like a pitched battle than a dance, with sticks flying everywhere.

It may be a double set of Craven Stomp, as Wicket Brood seem to be engaged in the same melee.

Another from the local newspaper.

Wicket Brood's Jan Hurst and Martin Hallett, with Mike S and Ian O behind them (they played with Shinfield that day).

OBJ dancing Hay on Wye

The only straight lines visible are the yellow ones at the side of the road!

Here's how it should be done

Old Speckled Hen demonstrating perfect lines

Phoenix Morris in the sunshine
HuMP dancing while members of OBJ await their turn
Jackstraws Morris towards the end of the day

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