2002 Scrapbook
Winchester Folk Festival
18 May 2002

OBJ appeared at Winchester Folk Festival this year. The dance spots were a little odd, and the procession got lost, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. The evening ceilidh with Rufus Return was excellent.

Present on the day were: Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave, Diane, Doug, Gill, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Louise, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Vera, and a guest appearance of Dave D.

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In the Square, near the museum. Getting ready to dance something - probably the excellent Worcester Monkey dance

In the picture: Louise, Jenny, Dave and Colin on the left, with Chris and Diane visible on the right.

Pam and Doug are visible in the band.

Gill, Doug and Pam playing in the Square.

Members of Basing Clog look on in awe!

Now then, what's going on 'ere?

Dave D is oblivious to whatever it is, whilst Chris and Pam take a dim view of it.

Gill and Chris dancing Hay-on-Wye on the Abbey Gardens.

The audience included two ducks

Gill eating at the hat-festooned Buttercross.

Nikki, Louise, Jill and Diane are in the background.

That hair!

Louise and Nikki with Jill in the background.

We shared a spot with The Moreno Slovak dancers at the Old Market Inn.
Derek-the-Nutter's new hat.

Why settle for pheasant feathers when a whole pheasant is available?

Time to be somewhere else!

Jenny, Colin, Nikki, Chris and Dave outside the Old Market Inn

Why does everyone like to take pictures of Louise?

Surely it's not those feet?

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