2002 Scrapbook
Wassail at the Thatched Cottage, Emmbrook
20th January 2002

We conducted our fourth annual Emmbrook wassail at the Thatched Cottage. There was a fair amount of rain that day, and both OBJ and Mayflower Morris abandoned dancing after a while, in favour of a music session in the pub.

The King and Queen of the Bean were Jerry and Gill (both from OBJ). Other members in attendance were Anne, Carey, Colin, Chris, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jim, Jim J, Jill, Lynne, Mike, Nikki, Pam, Ruth, Tony and Vera.

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The first part of the wassail was best done inside the pub.

The wassail cake was produced, and after the proper formalities, the King of the Bean was announced as Jerry.

Here we are praising the qualities of our King.

The ceremony continued in the damp. King Jerry conducted himself with all the dignity of a Shakespearean production of Richard III.

He had chosen Queen Gill by the time, and both are wearing their appropriate headgear.

The rainwear hides the features of Neil and Kath (and Jacob) who helped considerably with the singing bits.

King Jerry clambered onto the roof of the Apple-Tree-House to place the toast in the branches, then scrambled down to the roots to bury the wren.
Royalty in relaxed mood.
After the formalities, the pub session got under way, with contributions from both Mayflower and OBJ musicians.

The "locals" look on in awe.

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