2002 Scrapbook
Rochester Sweeps Festival
5th May 2002

OBJ appeared at Rochester Sweeps Festival for the first time this year.

The OBJ musicians (Gill, Pam, Anne, Carey, etc) did a fabulous job, helped occasionally by Barbara from Wicket Brood.

Present on the day were: Adrian, Anne, Chris, Colin, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Louise, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Ruth, Tony, Vera, with Dave K, Lynne and Jim M joining us for part of the day.

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The day started with bubbles - lots of bubbles!
Lining up to dance, while the eye of the law looks on.

On the left are Louise, Tony, Jill, Lynne and Jerry. On the right are Colin, Nikki, Adrian, Chris and Jenny

Ready for a double Worcester Monkey with Wicket Brood - one of several that day!

Jenny is in foreground.

Dancing Brimfield on the festival stage, overlooked by the cathedral.

Visible are Nikki, Dave, Colin, Jenny and Louise. Tony, Adrian and Chris are also dancing.

Anne is playing, and just outside the picture are Gill, Pam, Carey, Ian F, Ian O, Mike S, Vera

Another picture of the set dancing Brimfield underneath the cathedral.
The wind section: Ian O and Ian F pucker up
Carey and Gill play whilst Adrian rattles, bangs or shakes something
Dancing Sheepskins around selected volunteers from the audience.

Jill, Mike G and Nikki are dancing. This was Mike's first appearance in OBJ kit.

OBJ and Wicket Brood in a group photo.

The OBJ members are (L:R) Anne, Nikki, Lynne, Pam, Louise, Jenny, Tony, Chris, Vera, Jill, Mike G, Dave, Carey, Ian O, Mike S, Gill, Ian F, Jerry, Adrian and Colin.

Here's Carey with Guy, who helped us out with Sheepskins.

He has custody of his school's bear for the weekend (Billy).

Four months later, Guy and his mum visited the Watercress Line while I was on duty!

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