2002 Scrapbook
Pubs, parties and picnics

Various pictures that were too good to discard.

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27th June 2002

We danced at a "medieval fayre" at Reading Bluecoats school.

The assembled company tuck in to a thoughtfully provided picnic.

4th June 2002

We had a party on the same day as the Queens Jubilee - what a coincidence.

Countdown in progress.

Pam in the background has retired to a safe distance, Gill offers technical advice while Suzy and Jim prepare for liftoff.

Laura decided she couldn't get into the basket after all.

Up, up, and away!

Trying to avoid the conker tree.

22nd September 2002

Our chums Phoenix Morris asked us to dance with them at the Rose&Crown in Chorleywood.

Tony and Gill doing what they do best.

22 September 2002

Phoenix doing something-or-other

22 September 2002

OBJ doing something-or-other

22 September 2002

Doug, Vera and Colin

22 September 2002

Linda in the foreground enjoying her first time in public

22nd September 2002

We danced a mass East Acton to finish, which took a while to set up.

Why am I thinking about teapots and dormice?

23rd July 2002

After dancing in Henley Town Centre, we adjourned to the Horse and Groom.

Louise, Jenny and Ruth encouraging the other drinkers to leave the pub garden.

1st January 2003

Dancing in the street and waking up the neighbours at 00:10 on new years day 2003

Jim, Colin, Chris, Jenny, Mike G, Lynne, Pam and Linda

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