2002 Scrapbook
Dog Days Do at the Seven Stars, Knowl Hill
10th March 2002

The sixth appearance at the Dog Days Do - accompanied by Taeppa's Tump.

The sun appeared for about 10 seconds while we danced - it was certainly the windiest one so far.

Lowlights of the day were that Anne locked her keys and her accordian into her car, and Pam appeared when it was nearly all over, having explored most of Berkshire (it didn't help that the web site gave start time half an hour late).

The side at this years "do" comprised Adrian, Anne, Colin, Chris, Dave K, Diane, Doug, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jill, Jim J, Jim M, Louise, Lynne, Mike S, Nikki, Pam (eventually), Tony and Vera

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Getting ready to dance a massed East Acton.

Taeppa's Tump have done this with us so many times that they probably know it better than we do.

Chris amongst Taeppa's girls
East Acton in progress.

Anne is distracted by Suzy with the camcorder. I hope she managed to get into her car!!

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