1st Crowthorne Cubs
27 November 2002

Bob asked us if we might dance for "his" cubs in Crowthorne. We did a couple of dances, explained morris dancing (can you explain it?), and taught them to dance Dilwyn. One of the scout leaders very kindly loaned himself to make a human map of Britain - a piece of nonsense that was invented on the fly, and worked so well, we will do it again.

The old routine: there are three things you need to know how to do - stepping, sticking and screaming. As usual, they excelled in the screaming department.

Those present were Bob, Linda, Colin, Chris, Doug, Pam, Vera, Jenny, Dave K, Anne, Ian O.

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Having issued the customary safety warning (you get sent off if you hit someone with that stick) we got started.

Dilwyn in full swing with two cub leaders (Bob is Baloo) and 16 cubs.

The band - some of whom arrived straight from work to do their bit.

Ian, Anne, Colin, Doug, Pam, Vera.

Look at those awful lines - just like grown-up morris!

Linda and Chris at this end of the set.

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