Wallingford BunkFest
1 September 2002

Jenny and her Dad organised the Wallingford BunkFest this year - a sort of combined Folk Festival and themed weekend at the Cholsey&Wallingford Railway (known as the "bunk" by afficionados).

OBJ attended on the Sunday, and we had a jolly good time. The day finished with an excellent dinner at Nello's hosted by Luca.

Present were: Anne, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave, Doug, Ian O, Jenny, Jerry, Jim M, Louise, Lynne, Mike G, Mike S, Nikki, Pam, Rob, Vera

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Underneath the "No Waiting" sign.

Waiting for the big-six-wheeler, diesel-engined, 97-horsepower omnibus.

In the picture are Carey, Ian O, Jerry, Dave, Vera, Lynne, Jim, Colin, Nikki, Rob (in civvies) and Chris mucking about with the baggage.

Brimfield in the "tent"

The boys are Dave, Colin, Jim and Jerry. Their partners are Chris, Louise, Lynne and Nikki.

Dancing rings around Phoenix.

Sheepskins with the usual intruders.

On the left are Chris, Louise, Mike G and dancing are Jim Nikki and Jerry.

Dancing The Craven Stomp at the Dolphin in Wallingford.

Colin, Louise, Lynne, Jim, Jerry, Nikki, Dave and Pam

Why is Jerry on his right foot?

Doing nothing-in-particular.

Pam, Doug, Jenny

Dancing at the Chol&Wall

The second-ever (and hopefully last ever) performance of the 6-dancer version of Worcester Monkey.

Dave and Chis in the foreground. The others are probably Tony, Lynne, Colin and Nikki.

Doug and Carey are visible in the band.

The Craven Stomp

The dancers L:R are Colin, Chris, Lynne, Jerry, Jim, Nikki, Dave (hidden), Louise.

Visible in the band are Ian, Doug, Mike G, Carey and Pam

Ancient, but still first class!

Chris and Colin

Care in the Community.

Louise and Nikki adjusting their make-up on the train at the end of the dancing.

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