2001 Scrapbook
The Watercress Line Morris Day
1st July 2001

We were invited to dance at the Watercress Line (Mid-Hants Railway) annual Morris Day - fetauring Morris cars and Morris dancers. In general, the Morris cars were newer and in better condition than the Morris dancers, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Several of us managed to climb up into the cab of 92212 - including Gill on her birthday and Steve on the day after his. We spent a very pleasant hour stuffed into the guards van with the real ale bar, and performed the traditional guards van dances.

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Here are two lines of old crocks plus us. From Left to Right are: Dave K, Colin, Carey, Gill, Ian F (Euphonium), Anne, Jill, Nikki and Maggie.

Also with us that day were Chris, Dave D, Gill's family, Ian O, Jenny (in Shinfield kit), Jerry, Louise, Jim J, Mike S, Vera plus Nikki's parents, Dave D's wife.

Louise - with Jerry's head in background getting ready to be a man dancing Brimfield.

Picture courtesy of Henry O'Dwyer and the Watercress Line.

Traditional guards-van dancing

We've done it so often that we ought to invent a special guards-van dance.

Gill playing valiantly at Valiant Soldier, being jostled by the movement of the train, the dancers, the hangers-on, and those intent on getting to the real-ale bar.

I don't remember this at all!

It looks like the up platform at Ropley

Ian F in the background and Colin pretending he can play the melodian.

Dave explaining to Gill the finer points in the design of the BR Class 9F 2-10-0 freight locomotive.

Gill may be thinking "will the heat melt the beeswax in my accordian?"

For the train buffs, it's no. 92212 and was doing a spell on the Watercress line this year.

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