2001 Scrapbook
Wassail at the Thatched Cottage, Emmbrook
21st January 2001

For the third successive year, we Wassailed in Emmbrook - this time at the Thatched Cottage. This is the first Morris at this pub in recent history and an excellent time was had by all, including the landlord and landlady.

Sam Viner organised the singers and we were accompanied by Shinfield Shambles, Old Speckled Hen and Kennet Morris Men.

The King and Queen of the Bean were Chris Tunnicliffe (from Kennet Morris) and Sally Reading (the landlady's nice niece).

Pictures are by courtesy of Wokingham Times.

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The wassail started with a bit of dancing.

Nikki, Pam, Dave K and Chris prepare to dance on to perform the Craven Stomp.

I think the nice blonde lady in the background is the landlady.

And here they go!

In this picture you can just see Sally who became Queen of the bean.

The dancers are Nikki, Pam, Dave K, Chris, Louise, Colin, Jill, Lynne. Jim M looks on.

Also present that day were Angela, Diane, Doug, Liz and Ruth and Vera

Sally was democratically selected as Queen of the bean by selecting the piece of wassail cake containing the bean.

Sally selected Chris as King of the Bean, and here they are about to perform the wassailing of the apple tree. At this point, Sally is slightly apprehensive, having been alternately wound-up and reassured by all present!

This was made slightly more complicated than usual by the presence of a tree house constructed around the tree.

Sally and Chris point to the spot where the "wren" (a tea cosy) was buried in the roots of the tree, then doused with beer.
The participants then duly sang the traditional wassailing songs - not heard in these parts since this time last year!

Here Ian and Anne (in Shinfield kit), Jill and Chris give voice.

A heron flew overhead at this point - probably wondering what was going on.

We then danced around the monarchs of the bean.

The Craven Stomp again as it's the only one we dance as a round set.

Lynne and Chris are in foreground, Colin is in the background.

The ladies of Shinfield Shambles joined us for the festivities.

Here, Lynne, Julia, Hilary and Jennie are doing something with Margaret.

Jennie also dances with OBJ, but this time was wearing the Shinfield flower - which seems to be missing from Lynne's face.

Whatever they were doing to Margaret, it can't have been too bad!

Here are Hilary and Margaret afterwards.

Old Speckled Hen journeyed from afar to join us.

Duncan and Lyn are at the front of the picture.

Dave and Chris from Kennet Morris Men were in fine voice in the pub afterwards.

The Wokingham Times reported extensively and accurately on the event.

The history of the wassail and all other details were correct, except that naughty Louise gave her name as Ruth Hatch

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