2001 Scrapbook
Dancing with visiting Brasstown, USA teams
7th June 2001

The teams from Brasstown, North Carolina visited our area in June, and we had the pleasure of hosting the Schreiber family.

The two teams are Rural Felicity (garland dancers) and Sticks-in-the-Mud (border morris).

On 6th June, OBJ, Shinfield Shambles, Hurst Morris, Rural Felicity and Sticks-in-the-Mud danced at the Jolly Farmer in Hurst and a good time was had by all.

The OBJ members present were Angela, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Dave D, Doug, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jennie, Jim J, Jim M, Judy, Liz, Louise, Lynne, Mike S, Pam, Richard, Roger, Ruth and Vera.

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A relatively new experience for the Schreiber family - going to a pub. Brasstown is dry!

James, Jerome and Sally Schreiber wait outside.

OBJ dancing a particularly spirited Craven Stomp.

The dancers are Colin, Dave D (hidden), Lynne, Ruth, Chris, Louise, Dave K, Pam.

In the band, I can see Anne, Mike S, Doug and Judy, with Gill hidden.

Darkness starts to fall at around 9:45

Here we're dancing Sheepskins around three children.

The visible dancers are Pam, Colin and Lynne, dancing around James Schreiber.

Colin enjoying a Julie sandwich with Julie ??? and Julie Schreiber.
There had been a lot of late nights for the Schreibers.

We discovered James Schreiber happily asleep in a pile of rag jackets under a table.

The group picture - well, really two pictures roughly cobbled together.

The sides from left to right are Sticks-in-the-Mud, Rural Felicity, Hurst Morris People, Shinfield Shambles and OBJ.

Can you spot the join?

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