2001 Scrapbook
Swanage Folk Festival - 8-9th September

Another excellent Swanage Folk Festival - congratulations to the organisers, especially David Blakeley - for providing another supurb weekend. This year, Gill, Carey and Jerry joined us at the festival for the first time. The weather, dancing, music, steam trains and ambience were all great.

Once again, the traditional guards van dances were performed - this year with assistance from Wicket Brood, of St Albans. At Corfe Castle we were joined by the English Civil War Society members who were hanging out there for the weekend.

The "highlight" was our brush with the Dorset Constabulary, when we thought we might be arrested after we refused to pay the whole bill at Mama's restaurant for appalling service (they even had the cheek to add a service charge!). This was resolved with the help of the police who did a smashing job. It gave us something to talk about for the rest of the weekend.

Performers at Swanage were: Angela, Anne, Carey, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Doug, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jenny, Jerry, Jill, Jim J, Jim M, Liz, Lynne, Mike, Nikki, Pam and Vera, with assistance from Adrian & Fiona, Maggie, Rob and Esther, Steve and Dave

The piccies were taken by Gill's daughter Esther, and by Mike

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Nice picture, Esther

Not sure when it was taken, but it captures the occasion well.

Dancing on the sea front

Adrian, Chris, Carey, Maggie, Gill, Ian O, Ian O, Anne

Marching in perfect time in the procession on Saturday 8th September.

Honest, it wasn't posed.

From L-R: Carey, Doug, Anne (hiding behind Doug), Gill, Jim J, Ian O (trombone), Mike (drum), Ian F

Doug, doing one of the things he does best - posing on the sea front

Carey and Gill are underneath him, showing they can do it too!

Guards-van dancing on the trip to Corfe Castle on Swanage Railway

Dancing a very tight Sheepskins

Colin at the far end and the pretty one at this end is Barbara

More in the guards-van, discussing the invention of a "traditional" guards-van dance for confined spaces that lurch about at critical moments

Jenny, Dave K, Colin and members of Wicket Brood, including the lovely Barbara

Corfe Castle on the Saturday evening after the guards-van dancing.

Dancing Brimfield with members of Wicket Brood (WB's version).

In the middle are Colin, Nikki, Jerry and Chris

Below: Corfe Castle - The wind section

Ian F and Ian O

The churchyard on Sunday morning

Dancing the Craven Stomp - the music and dance was probably the best of all the performances there - it certainly felt that way.

Dancing from L-R: Chris, Jenny, Lynne, Colin, Jill, Nikki (just visible), Jim M and Pam. Gill, Doug and Ian O are visible amongst the musicians

Brimfield on the sea-front.

The men are Dave K, Jim M, Jerry (just visible) and Colin. The women assailing them are Jenny, Jill, Nikki and Chris

Dancing Sheepskins around the munchkins on the sea front. Note the fingers and toes tucked carefully away! The worried parents are just out of the picture.

Jerry, Chris, Lynne (headless!), Jim M

This lot are attempting to dance East Acton - look at those lines.

Members of the audience have been coerced into the dance, including Belly Dancers and Gill's daughter Esther on the right.

Dancing Rosa's waltz on the sea front

Jerry and Chris, with others in the background.

Doug is just visible on the left of the picture

Exhaustion setting in

Colin having a quiet lay-down.

I had to get up - someone started to chalk an outline around me

Carey and Jenny relaxing in the gardens near the end of the festival
Jill, looking for that missing 5p!

Just on her way to cool off

Colin, Gill and Ian O refreshing the parts...
Another tradition at Swanage

Ian O, Colin, Gill and Chris dancing in the ocean

Jill and Dave K cool off after the last dance

The sea didn't wash off the make-up

It's not clear what the sailors thought of it all

At the tail end of this page - not a pretty sight!

Dave K making an ass of himself again (phone number on request).

At this point a chinese gentleman with a bicycle became ecstatic as he at last found somewhere to park it.

A much prettier sight

Merchant Navy class pacific number 35027 Port Line

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