2001 Scrapbook
The annual kit making party

This year, the kit-making party made a good start on 5 new jackets, passing on the noble and best-forgotten art of rag-jacket making.

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Rag Jacket-Making Party, 17th March 2001

Carey pins while Jerry prepares to turn good material into rags.

Jennie is conducting a pagan blessing-the-rags ritual (I think).

Louise gets on with the pinning, while Chris and Jackie do what they do best.
Jennie and Nikki are cutting, while Gill and Louise pin.

Chris and Carey have a rest and a chat.

I'm not altogether sure when this picture was taken. It may have been at the kit-making party or a musicians evening (Oh, the sound of 9 boxes belting away!).

Doug didn't have a ten-foot barge-pole with him, and just couldn't resist playing the piano accordian. I will remove this evidence for a small fee.

The feet belong to Gill, Carey, Judy and Pam.

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