2001 Scrapbook
Dancing at Henley-on-Thames 24th July 2001
and St Albans 24th March 2001

We invited Pheonix Morris and Rockhopper Morris to join us for a night out in Henley on July 24th - mainly to prove to ourselves that we could dance in Henley without getting soaked (and because Pheonix and Rockhopper are such nice people).

We started in front of the Town Hall and had a considerable audience that evening, including at least 3 Australians, 3 Portuguese, 2 Poles (who didn't know one another - poles apart?), 2 Columbians, 4 Spanish, some Germans, and a few English. After this, it was "off to the pub" - the excellent Horse & Groom where Martin made us all most welcome and put in a guest appearance in a set. A night to remember.

Earlier in the year, we spend a day with Wicket Brood in St Albans for their day-of-dance. Only one picture survives, so I added it to this page.

Henley-on-Thames 24th July 2001

We assembled in the High Street for an hour or so of dancing.

Here are Pheonix getting started.

The big-band sound of the OBJ orchestra in full swing - well most of them!

Front row - L to R are Jenny, Judy, Doug, Anne and Gill. Behind them are Dave K, Ian F, Mike S, Ian O, Jim J, Chris and Lynne

Dancing Sheepskins around three "children" from Pheonix - did their mummies give them permission?

Passers-by are passing by as Jim M, Pam, Dave D, Colin, Jill and Diane do their bit. I'm pretty sure the second "child" is Mike.

Dancing Brimfield. A mystified audience wonders why we're doing something that appears to be very lewd.

In the picture are Colin, Jim J, Louise, Jenny, Nikki, Dave K and Dave D.

The last dance in the town centre was an East Acton, with all 3 sides and many of the audience performing admirably.

Here are Dave D (rear view) and Steve.

Because piano-accordian players feel a bit lonely in the morris world, they gather together for security.

Gill and Anne posing!

The Wicket Brood day-of-dance on 24th March 2001

The river runs just at the edge of this paved area and we all knew there was a reasonable chance of someone falling in!

here we are teaching Wicket Brood how to dance the Craven Stomp.

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