2001 Scrapbook
Chippenham Folk Festival 26-27th May

This year we broke the custom of getting soaked at Chippenham, and the weather was beautiful. The festival was marvelous and we all had a great time.

We were re-joined by Adam and Rachel, together with babe Ruth, who was born just after last year's festival. Gill joined the band and her daughter Esther served as official photographer to the side.

Performers this weekend were Adam, Anne, Chris, Colin, Dave K, Gill, Ian F, Ian O, Jennie, Jill, Jim J, Jim M, Liz, Lynne, Mike S, Rachel, Roger, Ruth and Vera.

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Dancing Hay-on-Wye in honour of Bill Clinton's visit to the Hay-on-Wye book festival this weekend (we doubt he did anything to honour us - and perhaps we ought to be grateful).

In the picture - from left to right - are Vera, Jill, Adam (just), Jim M, Anne, Gill, Jim J, Mike S

More of the same dance, with more-or-less the same people in the picture! In addition there are Rachel (playing violin), Dave K (mandolin) and Jennie (whistle).
The band.

Adam, Jill, Vera, Anne, Gill, Mike S, Jim J.

Just out of picture is Ian - although his plumbing kit extends into the picture.

Dancing Brimfield at the Rose&Crown

In the band (L:R) are Gill, Anne, Adam and Jim J.

Dancing are Rachel, Vera, Chris, Dave K, Jim M, Liz and Lynne.

Picture from Minden Rose

A really nice team photo, by Esther.

From left to right: Anne, Liz, Adam (with box), Jill (hiding), Ruth (front), Lynne, Vera, Jim J, Jennie, Colin, Rachel (front), Chris, Jim M, Ian O, Gill, Ian F (front), Dave K, Mike S.

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